Ilyas Darakchiev 
aug-sep 2017

Soft Robots - a kind of robots which made by elastic materials. 
They move because gas or liquid inflates their artificial muscles. 
Next images I found by Google search:
So, what if in next 5-10 years we would use this advanced technology for footwear?
I tried to imagine how it may looks like:
Auto fitting it was the first idea which came up in my mind, but it's not enough surprising in 2017....
what if your sneaker would crawls while you stand still?

Awesome! Right? 
But it's not all what they can. 
This sole can also transforms for different type of running.
So, what benefits you'll get:
- Multi-functional, customizing sole without any separate details
- Customizing fit
- And a lot of new capabilities, like: crawling, drifting, adaptive cushion and protection.. etc.. etc...

I hope that soft robotics technology will evolving in nearby future.

Thank You for attention!