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    Mixtape CD covers I created for friends
Before the golden age of rapid share websites I used to make a lot of mixtape CD's for friends. Here are some of the covers.
A compilation of chilled music for a friend of mine staying in the country. He loves crows and the night skies above Swellendam are usually crisp and clear.
CD cover for an upbeat music compilation that came together with a "Country" disc. Made for a friend of mine who moved from the city into the country.
Birthday mixtape made for my girlfriend at the time. She's a DJ and transports her records and CD's in a huge box. The circles at the edge of the disc is meant to copy the stickers she uses to demarcate her cd's from other DJ's at a venue. The text behind the "25" on the cover was printed in rich black while the rest of the artwork was printed in 100% K. This gives a coated/uncoated finish on a colour laser printer.
Live mix by DJ Icey.
A friend of mine bought a new convertible and I made him a CD to play with the hood down. Each group of tracks is meant to be played at the indicated speed. I also copied the speedometer of the same BMW model he had purchased and used that one the cover.
This was a mixtape of some nostalgic old-school Drum & Bass music that my friends and I used to listen to in college. I used an old photograph scanned in from film that I had taken on my daily walk to the train station in 1995. The little icons I  used at the top right indicate that the music was free, the Z was a little tag I started using at the time and the tape indicates a "mixtape."
A friend of mine is a music producer and she asked me to create a CD cover for her portfolio disc. The music is very quirky and uses a lot of mixed electronic styles so I used various fonts and text styles to list the music. She also loves animals and the colour pink.
Design for a Plump DJ's mix. At the time I used a p2p site called Kazaa so a lot of these covers feature a little "Love My Kazaa" logo I created in tribute.
Mixtape addition to my niece's 9th birthday gift.
I was really into indie music in the early 90's so this was a tribute to all my favorite songs. The cover features all the things we used to get up to and a list of some of the bands.
This was a mixtape I made for some friends on Valentine's day. I left it in their postboxes. The V turns into an A when turned upside down, as a hint to who the secret admirer was.