Working at for Lee Lodge and Chase Simonds, I was the Design Director for this broadcast and live event package. We created a long list of deliverables including screen content for the venue, award nomination packages, show bumpers, and logo animations. 
In a year that celebrates the original launch of MTV and it's iconic Moonman, we take the viewer on a journey into a psychedelic liquid landscape that fetishizes and exalts the iconic Moon Man. This is a collection of our best work from the night. 

Design Director: Duncan Elms
3D Look Development: Raoul Marks
3D Design & Animation: Thomas McMahan, Viraj Ajmeri, Duncan Elms, Jip Jeong, Alejandro Robledo Mejia, Carlo Sa, Jeff Han, Luca Ionescu, Dan Meehan
Editor: Doron Dor
Assistant Editor: Marjorie Sacks
Modeling: Jose Limon
Rigging: Josh Dyer
Coordinator: Ray Freedman
Producer: Danny Hirsch
Head of Production: Kate Berry
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Managing Directors: Linda Carlson & Jennifer Sofio Hall