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    Apartment renovation in Buda Hills
And then there were three
Tina, Peti and Elzi, a happy family of three guaranteed to have amazing dental hygiene and healthy hearts. What with Tina being a dentist and Peti working as a cardiologist, the two not only make a great pair of parents, but thanks to their professions, they’re also fantastic at quickly visualizing spaces. This was great news as we set about to completely remodel their cozy Buda apartment into a bright, spacious home.
The first thing to know about Tina and Peti is that they have one of the best views in town. Guests can attest to the enviable panorama that stretches out from the couple’s balcony to encompass the Freedom Statue, the Citadella, and the Buda castle among other landmarks.
The second thing to know about them is that they like to have guests over! Which meant that the 57 m2 apartment was carved up to give a majority of the space to a combined kitchen, dining area and living room, with the remaining half split into two bedrooms and a bathroom.
The kitchen window was fitted with a long mirror to reflect the afternoon sun and give the feeling of a bigger space.
The story was not without plot twists! Just as we had completed the first stage, built the walls and installed the electric and gas infrastructure we were met with a wonderful new development named Baby Elzi to account for. Some clever reshuffling was in order, and the guest room quickly became ‘Mom and Dad’s room’ and the cozy master bedroom became ‘Elzi’s nursery,’ with none the wiser.
We like to add a few details into cozy spaces to enlarge the space -- here we used different materials on the wall surfaces to break up the long, narrow hallway.
Dr. Mom has equipped the bathroom space with a fitting toothbrush for tiny teeth.
Architect: Studio Bunyik
Photographer: Gabor Schlosser