Dekode is a creative studio comprised of 3 industry veterans who decided to
band together and use their experience and knowledge to create 
agency-quality projects.

The branding for the studio is based on the core principle Dekode follows,
that honest and open communication is paramount. 

That's true not only when it comes to the communication between the studio
and our clients, and communication between team members, but also 
"communication" between software and the professional. We use old-school
methods to achieve modern results. 

The identity

The branding uses strong, contrasting colours that help to achieve
high-energy, high-visibility identity without having to rely on
imagery. We instead use the persistent motif of Morse code throughout
our materials to create a recognisable visual language. 

The Code

The Morse code motif gives us an opportunity to have some fun
with promo and company materials - hiding messages in plain sight. 

The Website

A website is the most important component in a web agency's
message and brand. 

Dekode's website was designed to be user-friendly first and foremost,
with a focus on direct and indirect navigation, transparency of 
information and, of course, our portfolio. 

We've opted to replace the usual hero section slider or projects reel with
a message that opens up a dialog between us and the user.
The message is customised daily and is used at times to celebrate
holidays, announce projects and react to events.

This, together with a small weather widget that is replaced with an 
animated doodle on occasion helps us tell out clients that we
embrace more in life than just work. 

Dekode Studio Branding and Website

Dekode Studio Branding and Website

Branding and web design for Dekode Studio, a creative agency specialising in creating visual identities and designing and build websites.


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