Beautiful Computer Generated Images - The Book
Beautiful Computer Generated Images - The Book
Beautiful Computer Generated Images is a collection of Seven projects, collection of seven Manifests, where every piece is an intersection of Technology and Art. It depicts imaginary places, imaginary objects where every element is arranged to create beautiful Composition and where photorealistic simulations are enriched and elevated by Custom color mapping to craft a piece formed by true Art.

Manifests show what I consider truly beautiful, what I am passionate about and what I love. Passion in Computer Generated Image, passion in Composition, beauty in SimplicityLight, custom Colors, passion in bending image within a Purpose, in adjusting piece with an Abstract elements, all elevated by Custom Color Mapping to form something Unseen, something New and very Artistic.

Manifests have been developed for 1 year, working solely on the manifests, between 2016 and 2017 and are periodically released every three weeks. After all seven have been released, there is going to be a book stitching all the pieces together.

Everything is custom made - from scratch - models, materials.
The Book
The Book stitches all the manifests into one piece. It features 27 images in 7 projects and it represents one year of my life devoted to creation of the book. Images were done in Corona rendering engine - thank you for your support and beautiful software.
Full preview of the book together with download is available at
I was interviewed by Ronen Bekerman speaking also about the series here.

The book is dedicated to Alex Roman. Thank you for endless inspiration. 
.... 7 projects every 3 weeks .... Do you get it (3rd 7th).

Every picture in the book is digitally adjusted to be printed with rich colors and right color depiction. All pages are printed on glossy paper. Format A5.

Printed copy of the book is dedicated to family, friends and every passionate artist - available on demand - via message -

Manifests from the Collection
Beautiful Computer Generated Images I. - Giant Simplicity - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images II. - Tropical Garden - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images III. - Above Wood - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images IV. - Reflections - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images V. - Classic Nowness - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images VI. - Natural Gradients - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images VII. - Computer Generated Art - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images - The Book - Here
Beautiful Computer Generated Images - Video & Talk - Here
Thats it.
Thank you CGI friends for incredible support and feedback.
and ..I hope you find the book eesome!
Beautiful Computer Generated Images - The Book

Beautiful Computer Generated Images - The Book