Hell's Angel is a project that I have been perfecting for quite a while. I always had this character in my mind but never got her out in illustration until I saw the work for Mau Lencinas and was very inspired to give it a try. As I am pretty much a geek of games (especially Final Fantasy series and currently, Let It Die) and mangas (there's too many to list down), I decided to create this character in a concept art style. 

Here's her backstory

Hanayuki is a child that has been experimented from birth and raised in Deepground, a top-secret military organization created by Shinra Electric Power Company headed from the secretive Mako Reactor 0 beneath the Shinra Headquarters in Midgar. (FFVII - Dirge of Cerberus reference) Originally, groomed as one of the Tsviets (an elite group of soldiers that lead the Deepground army) however at an early age, she managed to break out of Deepground’s conditioning, kept on an act until she found a way to escape leaving her brothers, Weiss & Nero behind until a few years later. Keeping a close watch from the outside, she managed to reunite with her brothers and get them out. Together, the trio left Midgar and traveled across different worlds & universes. In the process, they made many allies. 

While escaping some madness in Ivalice (FFXII reference), they traveled through a portal which led them to the Infinity Fortress in Tokyo (GetBackers manga reference). Maria and the inhabitants of Infinity Fortress offered them a place to stay put until they have adjusted to the life in Tokyo. A favor they never forgot and continued to maintain this close relationship to this day.

3 years later, Rufus Shrina sets up a branch of Shinra Corporation in Tokyo to expand his new vision of good while fixing the damages of the past done by his deceased father. Through the organization, the trio managed to gather news of the many universes & worlds and stay connected with their allies by taking on as many missions from other worlds. In her most recent sabbatical, Hanayuki traveled to Eos to assist Noctis on his quest, had an unforgettable road trip and became a Kingsglaive (Final Fantasy XV reference). 

Although she enjoyed the comfortable and peaceful life in Tokyo, she was unable to push back the urge to fight and kill. In the day, she worked as a graphic designer and also planned improvements for Shinra Corporation. In the night, Hanayuki becomes Hell’s Angel, helping people at their wits ends and cleansing the world of the bad. Individuals who have no concept of good or having the intention of ever turning good. 

She is a symbol of justice, strength, and bravery to both young and old whom she has helped. A light that has not failed them. Send your requests to her web shrine (only serious cases are taken into consideration), Hanayuki is very busy.

If she is away, her super team carries on her nightly routine :) 

Hanayuki loves colourful items as it keeps her happy. Although she is always in bright colours, she is often mistaken to be a cosplayer. Favourite clothing brand, Adidas.
Hanayuki carries quite a heavy load out. Her favourite weapon is her sniper rifle, Her Fury which she unleashes from great distances. Fast, silent and little trouble. She is often in stealth mode and acts quickly. Her most graceful death kill involves her controlling her enemy's mind for a short period of time, gracing the enemy with a traditional dance performance before killing them with her metal fans - Angel's Cry.
Stay Good Or Stay Dead.