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    Campaign international soccer tournament The Nike Cup Mexico 2010.
The Nike Cup México
Each time frame given to the World Cup to be held every four years, appearing in different regions of the planet The Nike Cup This event is a tournament that is held in 42 countries and 24 cities in Europe, Asia and America. The tournament is aimed at young people between 15 and 19 years of age. They are armed to face teams against each other until a champion that represents every country. 
The graph-level work in some way becomes a competition within Nike's subsidiaries in each country. Where do the job looks more original, but above all, taking the essence of the place where it will be the tournament. 
This year Mexico The Nike Cup held in Mexico City from 17 May to 10 June in various courts of the city. Where the finalist of the tournament will represent Mexico in the Nike U.S. Cup on 10 July. 

The concept was developed, was the representation of Calli, which means Temple or House, but also everything that cushions and protects. Under this idea was generated for each zone of Mexico City a Calli. A total of 32 developed Callis, each different in concept and the essence of pre-Hispanic glyphs. 
The idea was to create a kind of shield that represents the Callis war. Which are traditionally implemented through signs on walls, posters, blankets, stickers and viral advertising in social networks and other electronic media. 
The entire month of May and June were in different parts of the city graphics that proudly represents the campaign graphical essence of our pre-Hispanic roots.