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    Creating a brand system and packaging for DAYDREAM
Welcome to DAYDREAM Toy Production

Paulus Hyu has been a keen toy collector since he can remember. After being a collector for many years, Paulus dreams to have his own toy production. That is how DAYDREAM begins.

This toy itself is inspired by an actual dog named Nimbus, which is his own pet. Nimbus will be the first of many coming generations Paulus will produce.

When Paulus comes to us to create a packaging for this cute toy. We instantly think about a proper 'house' for him. The theme of the packaging is obviously daydreaming, it is shown throughout the designs.

He’s mischievous and can sneak up on you like a cloud. But that lasts for a good minute. Because after that, he’s back to his favorite past time activity: DAY DREAMING.

In his sleep, Nimbus visits far off places, he takes strolls in the park AND talks to many important people while he’s on cloud nine. Mean while back on land, he’s melting everyone’s hearts with cuteness.