Moses and the burning bush
“Living in the Holy Land” is both an educational game and a powerful teaching tool. It is a single player role-play adventure game that follows the biblical stories.

The player experiences the story in person instead of just reading it. That leads to easier understanding of the surrounding, the environment and the conflicts of the characters, which allows the student to better identify with them.

Proof of concept version was developed with the 3D game engine Aurora Never Winter Nights toolset.
although this is not a full game, but rather a visual demo of what it can be like, we have a written full level design document for one of the biblical stories.
Yael Kaftory, Shachar Oz, Ori Grundshtein
unique user interface of the game: sheep helps when detect that the player is in trouble; book is the source of knowledge; the map for navigation and the bigger picture; the arrow to see how close the player is to the original story.
this is the design of some of the summary screens for the teacher about the students' performance:
this is the design of the level summary for the player