SunCal Energy
Media Kit
Folder, Booklet, Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelope, One-pagers, Brochure
Presentation Folder
Business Cards
Project Title: SunCal Energy Investor’s package

Project Objectives: To create an inviting and engaging investment package directed at promoting and gathering investment capital for an oil exploration project in California. The company’s objective was to help secure homegrown American based oil reserves to relieve the U.S. reliance on foreign oil. The package needed to help define their efforts while being a positive light and upholding their ideals as a trustworthy, American based and professional operation. 

Key Audience: Investors and investment companies interested in providing capital for a new oil exploration project based in California.

Design Solution(s): With the logo completed, I suggested a creative strategy around the idea of bright and sunny California, an inviting and refreshing take on the oil and gas industry in the U.S. To stand out from the crowd and be unexpected for an industry in a time where peak oil prices were of real concern, I kept it light and sunny to provide a positive and uplifting backdrop from which to build a cohesive multifaceted package. Sun-ray graphics, oranges, yellows, sunrises, and sweeping curves all worked in concert to create a succinct design system created to delight and engage the key audience while promoting a unique opportunity and raising capital. Included in the package was a large envelope, booklet, presentation folder, fact-sheets, business cards and letterhead. This project was the recipient of excellence by Hemlock printer’s Integrity in Print award.