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Name of Love was born out of a desire to bring more beauty to the bridesmaid experience. It is an innovative online store and platform for wedding planning: the website allows brides and bridesmaids to create and participate in online showrooms (www.nameoflove.com). The visual identity is a contemporary interpretation of the bridal theme, with handwritten notes sparingly added to bring a personal tone of voice.
          To embody the same contemporary point of view, the brand imagery took a romantic but modern approach to showcasing the brand’s curated collection of bridesmaids’ dresses. The editorial campaign expands on the soft hues of the visual identity’s color palette, while a set of still life imagery represents the eight signature colors each dress style comes in.

Client: Name Of Love   |   Services: Visual Identity, Print Design, Website Design  |   Year: 2015  |   Web development: Praesens
Campaign photography: Olivia Malone   |   Campaign set design: Olivia Sammons   |   Stilll life photography: Joanna McClure