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Rent The Runway is an online service that leases designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of their retail price. Reinforced by the implementation of Unlimited – a subscription model offering a steady stream of designer pieces at a set monthly fee – it offers the user a steady rotation of new items to wear through access to an unlimited closet. This constant change became a key component of Rent The Runway's new look.
          The solution is a playful but sophisticated visual identity that relies on rotation: the logo represents an ever-changing closet, based on a grid that allows to create hundreds of different variations of the logo. A muted color palette positions the otherwise playful visual identity as a sophisticated, high-end experience, applied by Rent The Runway’s in-house design team into a wide array of digital and printed implementations.

Client: Rent The Runway   |   Services: Visual Identity  |   Year: 2015
Printed implementations: Renée Graham-Bastien  |   Campaign photography: Marko Macpherson