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How to be More Loving for the Kids
Everybody of us has an inner critic inside. The main job of this critic is to look for the threats that can make things difficult for us. Unfortunately, most of us program our critics to scan the mistakes of others. Even the parents want the best characteristics inside their children. And for that very reason, they consistently criticize their kids. The act of criticizing the can turn out to be the most unnecessary, disastrous to be precise, for the kids as it can only harden the hearts of parents, getting parental love out of the equation.

The basic reason for the inner critic to be too talkative is that it fears about the things that can possibly happen. Silencing the critic is not possible; and it can be destructive if it were possible. However, reducing its fears is the way to make it usable for the right reasons.
Embrace your critic

If you are aware of the presence of this critic inside you and you really want to silent it, you just need to hear it out and think logically upon the reasoning it puts forward. You will be amazed to figure out the most of the fears it would have cannot be related to anything which is possible. But, you still need to thank it for caring for you. First you need to take a deep breath, and then you can say it to yourself, “I can handle this”.
Look deep into what has been scary

Translate your fear in mind into the words. There, you will be able to figure out how silly this fear had been. For example, if you have a habit of yelling at your kid, look into the reason for yelling. You will find out that your kid is belligerent. You need to dig a little deeper to find out if it is too big of an issue. You will surely be able to look at the weaknesses of your kid. This sense is so strong that it can reduce the fears inside your inner critic.
Listen to your heart

Remember, your heart is the best truth meter you can refer to when you have a problem of a talkative inner critic inside you. You can put a hand on your heart and ask yourself about finding the appropriate solution. You will definitely hear your heart talking in the favor of your child who is too young to think intellectually.
Give your inner critic the right job

Remember, the inner critic inside you just wants to do something for you. So you can give it the job of criticizing you instead of others. Remember, it has to be for the purposes of self-correction only, and not for the sake of criticizing. You will have to make sure that you have not started hating yourself.