Museum of Warsaw Anew

Set, Props & Costume
Warsaw’s historic Old Town Square was the location of a visual show and spatial exhibition which we prepared for the reopening of the Museum of Warsaw.

The general concept for the opening of the headquarters of the Museum of Warsaw aimed to create an event that was cohesive in both its central ideas and its aesthetic approach, and reflected the unique character of the institution. The three-day opening consisted of daytime architectural installations through the space of the Old Town Square, and evening projections on the facades of the Square’s buildings.
“P_MW-ON_” is an enigmatic, translucent object, inspired by the interior structure of the buildings which comprise the headquarters of the Museum.

In cross-section is resembles a labyrinth made up by the many rooms, passages and the construction’s vertical and horizontal dividers. The project introduces the building itself as well as the objects contained in the Museum’s permanent exhibition in a metaphorical fashion.

0 2 . 1  --  I D E O G R A M S

0 2 . 2  --  P L A N

0 2 . 3  --  I S O M E T R Y   F R O N T

0 2 . 4  --  I S O M E T R Y   B A C K

0 2 . 5  --  P H O T O S
The visual and musical spectacle on the facade of the Museum of Warsaw introduces the new “Warsaw Things” exhibition to the World.

The looped ten minute animation was divided into three independent parts. The first and third part refer to the character of the location: the physical move of the objects, the “Warsaw Things”, to the Museu. The narration of the second part points directly to the Museum’s collections. We present impressionistic fragments of the histories of six objects, against a background of key historical events.

0 3 . 1  --  T E A S E R S

0 3 . 2  --  S T Y L E F R A M E S

0 3 . 3  --  I L L U S T R A T I O N S

0 3 . 4  --  B O O K L E T

0 3 . 5  --  T H E   O P E N I N G   C E R E M O N Y

0 4  --  C R E D I T S

Fish Ladder & Platige Image:
Pomysł: Marcin Kobylecki, Krzysztof Noworyta (Fish Ladder) 
Reżyseria/Art Directing: Karolina Panasiuk 
Projekt instalacji P_MW-ON: Mateusz Morski, Michał Białusz 
Muzyka: Paweł Lucewicz 
Producent: Agata Jurek, Marek Jankowski 
Kierownictwo produkcji: Zuzanna Wojtyło, Marian Struss 
Storyboardy: Karolina Ciurska 
Scenariusz: Michał Puczyński 
Ilustracje: Adam Quest 
Animacja: Jakub Szczęśniak, Marcin Stępień, Karolina Panasiuk 
Grafika: Szymon Kuczmierczyk, Agnieszka Kuczmierczyk, Mateusz Morski

Wykonanie instalacji: Michał Białousz, Beata Siewierska (

Grupa Smacznego: 
Animacja: Agnieszka Burszewska, Łukasz Mackiewicz 
Koordynator produkcji : Anna Głowik 
Producent : Łukasz Kacprowicz
Museum of Warsaw Anew

Museum of Warsaw Anew

Museum of Warsaw Opening Ceremony