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    A quick Tumblr site for the Actor, Lacey Chabert.
A couple weeks ago I turned 30. To be honest, I'm pretty excited to put my twenties behind me. They were good, but I have a feeling that my 30's will be far better.

A few weeks before my birthday a friend of mine, Amanda Meyncke, contacted me about helping her out with a project. That project was LaceyChabert.tumblr.com. It turns out Lacey and I are pretty close in age, her 30th birthday being the 30th of September and mine being the 2nd of October. She and Amanda had a great idea for Lacey to do 30 new things in 30 days (before her 30th). And aside from wanting the chance to work with both of them, I also couldn't pass up such a perfect project for me. I worked up a design FAST (in two days) complete with custom typography.
It was a pretty fun project to work on. And I felt pretty awesome about turning out work so quickly that I was actually proud of. The first sketches I sent out (above) were approved in minutes! We went through a few different iterations until finding the right combinations of type.
Lacey's goal of getting to all 30 things before her 30th didn't quite go as planned (life gets in the way!). But she's still going strong and is on Day 28 currently. make sure to check back in and see what she ends up doing for her 30th day. I'm curious to see what she does!

Creative/Art Direction, Illustrations, Typography: Jess Kemp
Web Programmer: Andrew Simone
Coordinator: Amanda Meyncke