Tips to Help Pack Your Garage To Move
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Tips to Help Pack Your Garage To Move
When preparing to pack your stuff it can be very tedious and time consuming to move everything from your home to the shipping boxes. This is truer in the garage than any other room in your home. So, if you are up for the challenge here are some tips to help make your packing up for the garage a little easier.
Tip 1:

The more items you have in your garage the more time it will take. Once you are finding out that you will be relocating you should have a game plan. The garage will, most likely, be the most difficult so you start there to allow the most time to pack everything up.
Tip 2:

Plan it out in the moving calendar. Don’t put it all off or attempt to do it all at once. Balance it out with well-planned preparations. If you try and do too much you could run low on energy, not enough and you can run low on time. It is never fun to be behind schedule, but when you are up to tasks you can relax a bit more.
Tip 3:

The start of your plan should be to have the proper shipping supplies ready. Purchase in advance your shipping boxes to help make your move happen as flawless as possible.
Tip 4:

Don’t forget the bubble wrap. This will become a necessity to help protect your more fragile items when traveling. The air pockets will help keep your items safe and ready for travel without the fear of any damage being done. Don’t forget to seal the boxes tight too.
Tip 5:

Have moving blankets on hand too. They also do an excellent job of protecting items. The difference between this and the bubble wrap is that the blankets are generally designed to help prevent sliding and help to prevent scratches to items as well.
Tip 6:

Tiny plastic resealable bags are always a must too. If you dismantle or carry small items. This will keep all your small necessities in one area and prevent any of the smaller pieces from being lost.
Tip 7:

Colored Markers help allow you to label the boxes that you have packed. Once you get to your new location it will make it much easier and save time when unpacking the boxes so you know where everything goes.
Tip 8:

Be aware of what items cannot be moved if you are hiring movers to do the job. Fuels, paint and paint thinners, propane tanks, cleaning materials, car batteries. Research this information before you move to prevent any additional issues. If you are unsure contact the moving company ahead of time to better plan.
Tip 9:

Keep all your smaller tools in your toolbox and pack them last. They will also be the first thing you unpack and you will be able to have quick access to the tools to help put any disassembled items back together again with ease.
Tip 10:

Take extra precautions when packing sharp-edged items and tools. Tools like saws, knives, ax, rakes, etc. can be wrapped in the moving blankets we discussed earlier. They are very sturdy and can prevent you from getting hurt too.
Bonus Tip:

You can always use the power of photography. Take out your phone and snap a picture of your garage prior to your move for reference. This will help you when you arrive at your new location when rearranging your items.
These are just a few tips that can help make your overall experience much more pleasant and prevent headaches. A well-planned move will make a dreadful process a whole lot easier in the process. If you are hiring movers you can always contact them and see if they have any helpful tips too.