A Revolutionary New Mobile Application Connecting PGA Professionals and their Students.
The Problem
How to connect PGA professional trainers with entry- and mid-level golf players that are trying to improve their skills in the easy, engaging and affordable way.
The Solution
A dead-simple mobile app that connects both parties and allows them to record, send and pay for the lesson. Trainers are receiving videos from the students, create a voice and visual commentary and send it back. They can also create classes where they are sharing (in a subscription model) tips and tricks.
My Role
This project was quite tricky. I had no idea how to play golf. With an amazing help of the founder, professional golf player, and my teammates at (most of them are playing golf), I could understand the rules, golf jargon and learn more about it. That helped me deliver the best experience for the both types of users.

Two weeks of research and design. Two months of total implementation.