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What Are Dental implants
For some people, having an implant might seem like a strange thing. While permanent teeth should be permanent, decay, trauma, and the like could cause you to lose a few teeth. Is this the end of everything? Course not, but you will definitely need to choose a means to fix this. If you don’t, it will cause the other teeth to go loose, could leave you more prone to infections, and it can even change the shape of your mouth. That is a big of a scary thing, but fortunately, dental implants are there to help you with this.

Implants are the best choice. They work like normal teeth, they function like normal ones, and they’re long-lasting, and in many cases, can even be there for the rest of your life. You don’t have to worry about dentures needing to be fixed, trouble speaking or eating your favorite foods, and you’ll be able to feel a much better smile come forward.
Dental bridges are often considered as well, but they don’t really support the surrounding teeth very well, and it’s not some cumbersome appliance that will affect the way that you talk. Rather, it’s a device that will allow you to have the best smile that you can in such a simple way, and they definitely are worth it.

This is the best way to restore your smile, but how do you go about getting them. Well first, you need to have a tooth that requires this. Then, you should talk to your dentist about this. They will take a lot of x-rays and make sure that everything is in place before they even consider this. They’ll also take a bit of a look at your mouth and have a diagram that will show just how the implant will sit.
Once that’s done, they’ll check the jawbone. If you need a jawbone graft, that will be the first thing they’ll do. After that, they’ll wait for the graft to fuse with the rest of the bone, and then, the implant is put in next.

The implant will be in there for a long time. Typically, it will need a few months to heal in many cases, and for some, this can be a bit of an annoying process, since you kinda wonder just how long it’ll be before the implant fuses. After that, they will put something called an abutment on top. This is a little thing that will hold the crown on top of this.
Finally, there is the crown. The crown is typically made at the very end of this, and then it’s put there. It’s fastened and secured, and in two appointments, you’ll have all of this in. Typically, if you don’t need the bone graft and such, this will take a much faster time.
Now, these things can last a lifetime. They’re so strong, and they function just like natural teeth. The dentist will even stain these in order to make sure that they fit the natural smile. They’re a great alternative to missing teeth.

Now, these are expensive, but remember, they are going to be in your mouth for a lifetime, so it’s not like you’re really losing out. You need to take great care of this when you do have them in your mouth. Along with that, also make sure that you keep your oral health in top shape as well. If you do have gum disease, they won’t work on this procedure with you, but instead they’ll target that and then work on making sure the implant is put in. most of all though, do see the Eugene Dentist if there is anything wrong with this.

At the end of the day, this is one of the best means to get the tooth that you need. It’s not fun losing teeth, and you don’t have to worry about the future of what your smile might look like, and you won’t have to come in for treatment after treatment, as in the case with some dentures. It’s pretty simple, and even just the process of it is pretty easy. Implants are the way to go if you can have this tool.