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CCTV9 2018 Channel Rebrand - Image
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CCTV9 2018 Channel Rebrand Image
「事件被記錄切割成永恆的藝術作品,存在無形的時空之中。」 - 形象影片即是在這樣的語句下展開。走進時間博物館的異想世界,親臨自然場景與裝置變形的本真瞬間,感受天地創造以及人文刻畫的詩意旅途,穿越過去、現在、未來的轉換空間,我們依然在存在中不斷前進與創造、詮釋自身。而這創造,是從觀看並反省,進而能探究整個時代以及我們自身的界線。
Inside the “museum of time”, we see a mirrored world, noting the relationship between people and nature, how society is formed and the CCTV9 logo being a cube turned installation, represents the different relationship between environment and time. In this journey through time, we traveled from past to present and look to a future unknown. We will keep pushing forward, knowing that the world is a reflection of ourselves, and to continue to rediscover and reinvent the world and ourselves.

PromaxBDA Asia 2018 - Best Animation / GOLD ​​​​​​​
Creative Agency: JL DESIGN
Creative Director: JL 羅申駿
Executive Producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪 
Head of Project Management: Chiaying Tsai 蔡佳穎
Project Manager: Jerry Fang 方宜正 
Art Director: Ming Hsien Sha 沙明憲, Lance Wei 魏良恩
Senior Designer: Utsuo Chen 陳映男
Designer: Peter Kienetz, Jim Hsu 許峻良, Julian Chen 陳安, Children Chiu 邱柏鈞, 
Hank Liu 劉瓅涵, Orange Mugi 葉庭妤
Music : A-Len Yue 余佳倫 (MUSDM)
Sound FX : 小飛俠 & 楊子霆 (MUSDM)
Production:Film Power Shanghai
Executive Producer 監制:曾啓福
Production Manager 製片:錢小林
Production Team 製片組:顧寧, 丁金花, 戴磊
Cameraman 攝影師:陳柏任
Art Director 美術:陳柏任
Asst. Cameraman 攝影大助:張洪岩
Gaffer 燈光師:陳化剛
Wardrobe & Asst 造型師:林翎
Make up 化妝師:吳璐婷
Hair Dresser髮型:Candy

CCTV9 2018 Channel Rebrand - Image

CCTV9 2018 Channel Rebrand - Image