Building a Magnum Opus - AFUMC 11/17/2007
A side panel to the organ console and the adjustable bench after staining.
Jorge Sandoval prepping the surface of the chest for the slider telescope gaskets.
Mark Conley and Jorge inspect the action for alignment of the bottom boards.
The underside of the bottom board with magnets and plus and minus connections.
Checking alignment of the boards that deliver air to the slider pallets.
Mark Conley, Wilson and Jorge anchoring the chest sides into the top of the slider chest.
This photo shows the console table after it has been flattened by the cnc router machine.
Assembling the right side of the organ structure in the Schlueter assembly room.
Rob Black, organ designer, speaking with Carl of WKM Cabinetry.
A side view of the console to reveal the turned legs and Acanthus leave detailing.
A side view of the 5 manual console frame constructed of solid quarter-sawn oak.
A side of the console panel that will be stained to match the interior of the church.
The load bearing structure of the organ installed at Atlanta First United Methodist Church
The console after it has received a coat of the stain and lacquer.
The quatrefoil detailing at the top of the organ console.
The organ bench and side panel of the console after having been stained and lacquered.
The right side jam panel undergoing fitting of the stop knobs and the labeling.
Sam Polk, is shown putting labeling and stop knobs together for the jam panels and toe
stud mounts.
Both left and right side jams waiting for mounting on the 5 manual console frame.
                       More progress on the organ structure within the chamber walls.
These large Baltic Burch boxes are double curtain reservoirs similar to those installed in AFUMC and will have sets of ribs on all four sides making them bellows reservoirs.
Another close up of the double curtain bellows reservoir under the assembly phase.
A photo of the ribs for the large bellows reservoir(s) and the gasket top for the double curtain reservoirs.
The first stage of gluing leather to a reservoir rib for assembly onto the reservoir top and base.
A stockpile of the solid ash spring rails for the various sizes of reservoirs employed in organ building.
The organ chamber after more of the chests and pipework have been installed into the organ.  The facade of quarter-sawn oak panels is now mounted behind the choir chancel area.
More pipework has been added to the upper great chamber of the pipe organ.
A better photograph of the installed organ into the chamber with natural light from a church window.
Rob Black, organ design and CAD architect, cutting the pilasters for the front facade structure.
More of the facade fitted into place after quatrefoil screens, pilasters and panels are secured into place.
The choir and swell shades are mounted and in place.  The Solo is upper left, swell and choir on sections of the lower organ.  A 16' Trombone reed is in the center of the organ.
              The facade pipes going up in the organ chamber, 16' Principal in the front.
The right antiphonal division prior to pipe work being installed.  John Tanner and Mike, master carpenter, conferring on final panel detail of the exterior of the antiphonal div.
The left antiphonal organ in an early stage of completion.  The screens and panels have yet to be installed in this organ chamber.  The 8' Trumpet en 'Chamade is in the background.
The finished A. E. Schlueter V(5)Manual Pipe Organ - Bob Walker voicing the organ stops
Building a Magnum Opus - AFUMC 11/17/2007

Building a Magnum Opus - AFUMC 11/17/2007

Building a Magnum Opus - A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company & AFUMC