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NC Yoga Website - Redesign and Build

NC Yoga Site Redesign

This project showcases the redesign of, the site of a yoga teacher. The design and implementation took one full day.

Tools used:

- Sublime Text
- Scout-App (SASS)
- Firefox Page Inspector


- Simple, clear, minimal design.
- Plenty of negative space to frame content.
- Concise information.


- Boring header and navigation.
- Chocoleta logo font not legible in body content.
- Bullet points a little too concise.
- Content does not fully fit lengthwise on a 15" MBP screen.
- The palette is monochrome with very little contrast.
- Unsightly/noisy underline on hyperlinked text.
- Header not fully responsive.
- Little content separated out into pages.


- All content on a single page.
- Added a hint of colour to section headers for visual appeal.
- Added branded social media icons for contact.
- Added footer with copyright statement.
- Fully responsive.
- Replaced Ubuntu typeface with Karla - a less technical, more personable yet still clear sans serif.
- No CSS or JS frameworks used - vanilla Sass and CSS.
- Removed Facebook page widget and associated scripts for a cleaner and more performant page.
Future Work
Logo Redesign

Created using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Chocoleta typeface.
NC Yoga Website - Redesign and Build

NC Yoga Website - Redesign and Build

Redesign of a site for a yoga teacher. Responsive, CSS grid, and SASS.