Creating an identity for others is way more easy than for yourself. I like to keep it simple but when I was redesigning my logo it got complicated. Until a colleague asked me why I didn't do anything with my lastname. That's when I got inspired and I could keep it simple and everything made sense. 

My last name Hazenbroek is basically: 

hazen ~ hares
broek ~ pants


For the mark I designed a jumping hare. In Dutch we say 'sprongen vooruit maken', which is almost the same as taking a big leap forward. And we know that hares, like bunnies, like to make jumps. Giving the hare pants is quite funny, but I wanted to keep it more graphic. Instead of pants I used denim, a little referral to pants! ​​​​​​​
As you can see I've use a shattered pattern in the mark. This shattered pattern stands for different projects. I'm a creative with many disciplines. I like to design: web sites, logo's, flyers, menu's but also interiors. I often give color advice on anything, from walls in the home of my clients, to using the right colors for branding. 

I'm very happy how this logo turned out and can't wait to use it! I'll probably use the mark way more than the combination with my name. I can't wait to print it on products I use or little gifts for clients!
Thank you for watching! 
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