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Marek Vadas - The Escape

The Escape
text by Marek Vadas
published by BRAK

A boy, his father, and his dog Alan set out involuntarily on a journey, after their hometown is
seized by a strange illness of greed and voracity. They yearn to find a place where they could
settle in calm and peace. But their goal turns out to be extremely difficult to achieve. At one
moment, the father gets lost in mayhem, and the boy runs away with Alan only. When they
travel through villages, cities, and countries, they encounter helpfulness and friendship, but also
refusal. Residents of the cities embody features that result in prejudices, in refusal of anything
alien or outlandish, and provide comfortable justification for their insensibility to the fate of
another person.

Marek Vadas - The Escape

Marek Vadas - The Escape