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    Models - Ayan Sinha & Shagufta Iqbal A project by Bhargav Mishra (https://www.facebook.com/bhargav.mishra)
" Baby, you're so beautiful. Every time I see you girl, it throws me off
It's so unusual for me to be waiting
But I don't want to blow it girl, but you should know this girl 
I'm not gonna be the one to mess this up because I have effed up in love before,
I'ma be the one to take a back seat girl, 
We can take our time and you can run this, Stay in, go out
 Anything you want girl, we can do, I am gonna leave it UP TO YOU "
Hahahaha , This doesn't even look like Twilight anymore ;)

*Captions from - Chris Brown - Up 2 You From The album F.A.M.E