Homestay Language School were looking to create a poster to promote their services throughout schools around Europe. Their key learning aspect was one-on-one learning where the student gets to spend a full week in their home and learn English both through study and experience of Ireland (hikind, sailing, sightseeing, sports, etc.). 

Our approach was to represent the same service from 3 different scales so we created a close up scene of an book being used by a student and the teacher. On one of the pages there is a zoomed out shot of the same scene where the student and the teacher are placed into a room which is made up of the elements from the school house showing the educational yet homely one-on-one approach. The other side of the book shows an even more zoomed out version of the same scene where the school house itself is placed into an Irish seaside town (representing Dun Laoghaire where the school is located) and is surrounded by a surreal collage of Irish landscapes and scenery, showing the experiences that the course brings.
Main graphic
Main poster