Bline is an academic project initiated last year (2016) a an assignment for the Marketing discipline of the Marketing & Communication course at ISEC, Lisboa.

We had to come up with an idea for a product and develop it from scratch till market distribution thus materializing all the skills we have learning so far.
Tiago Fonseca, one of our colleagues proposed "blue wine", which was a trend product launched in Spain that year.

Since we wanted to create a product to reach a young audience, eager to experiment and experience new things and being wine a product of excellence from Portugal, Claudia Bolinhas proposed the name "Bline" (blue+wine).

The visual inspiration came from Lisbon and it's ever present blue tile, which along with the "calçada portuguesa", forms part of the city's identity and traditions. My task was then to develop a brand and it's visual style and along the way, create the tagline and further develop  the implementation of the brand throughout a communication campaign, POS promotion material and event tasting spot.

Credits to my young colleagues: Tiago Fonseca, Claudia Bolinhas, Alexandra Varela and Natacha Oliveira which i miss a lot. :) Cheers