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App available for Android and iPhone. If testing, be sure to change your device's date to 25-26 July, 2017.

This was a major UX and development project carried out by the SAP User Assistance Prototying Lab. As team lead I wore many hats, including Design Thinking facilitator and user researcher, UX and UI designer, product manager and scrum master, technology architect, graphic designer, QA tester, and installation engineer. To top it all off, I had to give a masterclass explaining how we designed and built the app.

From Design thinking to final UI
After running a Design Thinking workshop to idenfity the requirements, I led the team through the process of describing user journeys as they move through the app and developing wireframes to structure the requirements.

Final UI Design
Iteratively designed, reviewed and improved the UI until it was finally ready.


Augmented Reality Smart Posters
To surprise users, and show them how seemingly ordinary objects could be made more useful and interactive, I designed these posters and displayed them around the venue. When users pointed their phones at them, they saw AR content superimposed on top of the posters.

I had to make the posters visually attractive without actually looking like they were finished or had any meaning. The posters also needed to be sufficiently different so that the AR software could tell them apart and map a stable image on top of it. Some of the posters were dynamic and displayed different content depending on the time and date.

Augmented Reality Content for Smart Posters
This is what users saw when they pointed their phones at the Smart Posters.


Bluetooth Beacons
The app used Bluetooth Beacons to give users time and location-based content so that they always had the right information as they moved ardound the venue. Because these were going to be highly visible for users around the venue, they needed to look the part.
After sourcing a suitable hardware vendor and designing the branding for the 50+ beacons, we installed them around the venue...and reassured privacy-conscious bystanders that we weren't installing spy equipment!

Location of beacons inside venue

Design workshop
I gave a workshop at the conference on how we designed and built the app and how the various technologies can be used in a range of different industries.

Close-up of an RFID tag while during workshop.

Our work was recognised with a merit award by the Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators at the UK Technical Communication Awards 2017.

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Large scale app design project involving Augmented Reality and Bluetooth Beacons. Activities involved user research, Design Thinking, UX and UI d Read More