Since 2016 January, I've been working with a Marketing Consultant (Open Up Food) to recreate the whole identity of the Startup based in Paris (Fra). The message conveyed by the new brand image is to emphasize on the circular economics through recycling, sharing, cooking and gardening. The diamond shape is spread alover the packagings of the mushroom box and highlights this recycling idea.

The aim was to help La Boîte à Champignons spread and grow from a newborn Startup to an experienced company ready to reach many more clients and restaurants. I developed printed items and I also worked on the graphic part of their brand new website (to come in October).

Creation of the whole new identity : logo, packagings, flyers, business cards, rollups etc.

With Cécile Kergrohen (Open Up Food) I would have the reverse scheduling and general management of the projects (I dealt with printers and with an illustrator too (Amandine Belluz).

We organized a shooting session during which I took pictures and I also filmed the team while they were explaining how to grow your own mushrooms in your kitchen. I also made the graphic dressing of those videos after they were edited.