The last of a Cold Era.

The last standing Titan II missile site resides in a complex known as Five-Seven-One-Dash-Seven. There were fifty-four of these sites across the United States from Nineteen-Sixty-Three to Nineteen-Eighty-Seven. Manned twenty-four-seven, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days a year for twenty-four years by a crew of four. November eleventh, Nineteen-Eighty-Two, Five-Seven-One-Dash-Seven came off alert.

The Titan II carried the largest nuclear warhead ever deployed on an ICBM by the United States. It had a range of over five-thousand-five-hundred miles. It would take thirty minutes from launch to reach its intended target. 

It is a frightening reminder of a darker, less certain time in our history. 
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