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    Project of an exhibition about five portuguese designers in july 2012.
Project of an exhibition about five great portuguese designers made as an exercise during Oficina de Design classes.
I show below the report book and some 3D drawings I have made.
(Exhibition's identity)
I decided to use some of the experiences I made during the process as graphic details through the brochure because the process actually is the soul of a project. 
One of the transitions between each step through making of the project.
Decided to build up the icon from pieces of work from the five portuguese designers, since it was an exhibition about them together, and those works together would become one thing with one purpose in the exhibition.
Each work that I chose was thinking of the importance of it's meaning to the principal audience that would be composed by students from arts, and the P letter, for instance, happened to be a reject work in a competition for the international identity of the Port wine (popular wine from the north of Portugal). 
The Identity.
2 (Exhibition's space)
The "fictional" space for the project of the exhibition was the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra.
The gallery's interior.
3 Propose idea 
Divided the 2D drawing in six layers, from left to right
(1) Original floor plan - (2) interior changes for the exhibition leaving only the structural walls - (3) the divisions made for the exhibition - (4) the lighting plan to define specifics space through it - (5) the path support for the projectors - (6) decorative lights.
Defined the zone for each designer also thinking about the sequence between them.
The idea that reached me to this interior design was the thought of an exhibition that you would start with a certain point of view or knowledge about the Portuguese Design but once there you would have the chance to explore that knowledge and at the end of it you would bring many different ideas with you for a life, since these designers already influenced generations and broke paradigms.

At the entrance you could choose each subject about them you would be part of your interest. Also, as you see in the image above, there was more cards with others subjects to choose through the gallery as you discover other skills they had. These subjects could be typography, architecture, interior design, painting, illustration, industrial design, and many others.
Through the gallery there would be sensors to display beside each piece of work the informations related to the chosen subjects while you would be passing by it.
Above I show you how the divisions look like through the galery. The idea is a kind of labyrinth in which the guide is the tecnologic part of the exhibition with the sensors that detect the subjects you  picked and you would have an interactive travel through that. It is also a phisical challenge somehow compatible with the psychological challenge you would have inside all that.
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