Salley Power Tools | Brand Concept
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Salley Power Tools | Brand Concept
Unambiguous style, focused performance, constant attitude, those are the core brand values of Salley – a brand of power tools. As a design-driven brand it represents an alternative to its otherwise technology-driven competitors and at the same time formulates a clear attitude towards the design of power tools. A comprehensive guide was devised that forms the basis for development of the whole product portfolio. It consists of a brand concept, which describes the identity of the brand, as well as design guidelines, which convey the translation of brand values into semantic principles.
The brand concept includes a market positioning, a typology of five archetypical users and their aspirations and values, as well as a description of brand identity in the shape of brand philosophy and brand core values. According to the core value schema by Jürg Theiler, the three values unambiguousness (orig. Eindeutigkeit), focus (orig. Fokussiertheit) and permanence (orig. Beständigkeit) were identified. These values are each assigned to an aesthetic, functional and ethical dimension and form the basis of the design guidelines.
The design guidelines are devided into two parts: Design indications represent abstract principles that give the core values a physical form. These principles are an expression of the attitude of the brand Salley and form the basis of every design decision. The family-elements are specific design elements that are recognizable for the customer. Only their consequent application leads to the desired learning effect.
The battery is placed directly over the housing, moving the centre of gravity of the machine close to the saw blade. Its flat top allows the saw to be set aside securely upside down. Its curved front facilitates guiding the tool with both hands in a comfortable way.
The cordless driver offers a screwing and a drilling mode, both in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction. Changing between these modes is done through turning the dial in the front part of the housing between your index finger and thumb. Beneath the plastic cover in the back, up to six screwdriver bits can be stored.