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Phone the rock
Industrial Design

People who need to do multiple jobs at the same time, gets distracted easily. They mostly stop what they are doing when they check smart phones. Because a smart phone should be held with a hand, unlike desktops or laptops, it creates problems. 
Not only does it reduce the efficiency of the work, but also causes frequent breakdown of the cable and ruins tidy interior.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is not to be a cradle for smartphones, but to create a cradle for human.
I spent much time in the idea and engineering to design a comfortable angle for eyes to reach without sacrificing the exterior design. 


"Phone the Rock" is a TOTALLY new cradle for smart phones, designed to improve work efficiency. 
Mother Nature. It's the resting place for mocking birds, wind, and us, humans. Inspired by 'Rocks', we designed Phone the Rock for all the multi-taskers, readers, Instagramers, who love the fast access to cell phones.  

"Phone the Rock", you can continue using your devices, all while keeping a comfortable and most importantly, healthy posture.
Smartphones are designed for our conveniences, yet their extensive usage, especially when sitting at a desk, can lead to various health issues. These include bad posture, stiff neck and back pain.

How to use

Choose among 5 viewing angles. 

Just place it on Phone the Rock.

Its main body is made up of silicone, coated with Non-Slip Surface.

Smartphones can be used in any direction, regardless of horizontal or vertical position. 

"Phone the Rock" naturally organizes the charging cable. Hide ugly cables underneath.

Keep the desk tidy. Level up the organization game. 

We do not use Cheap Rubber 

The color of 'phone the rock' is composed of sea, sand and rock. ​​​​​​​
User test

'Phone the Rock' may look simple in appearance, but we have put a lot of ideas and engineering points into the details of this product. 
Thanks for Watching.

designed by Ian Bok

Phone the rock

Phone the rock