On the 20th of September our friends Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen from Fantasy Interactive visited Moscow. We've organized the meetup with the creative professionals and students. As usually, the entrance was free. The meetup took a place at British Higher School of Art and Design with the help of Dmitry Karpov, who has the Facebook profile.

Anton started to work at F-I since 2006. Now he is a Global Createve Director. Irena is a Global Director of UX and Strategy. Lecturers spoke about processes of the work in their company. Also, they demonstrated several cases of real projects. They show the examples of the projects for the Google and the USA Today.

Afterwards the presentation listeners asked many relevant questions. We discussed about some factors of process in details, contests and festivals, internship opportunities abroad in common and in the F-I in particular.
Fantasy Interactive already has offices in New-York, Stockholm, London, San Franciesco, Salt Lake City and we hope one day they will open the Moscow department. Currently, there are no such plans, but who knows... :)

You may also see some photos at the Instagram by the hashtag #fimoscow.
Thanks our organizeres:  Tanya Smirnova and Varvara Novozhilova - Behance Ambassadors in Russia and Eugene Stroynov from Red Keds agancy!

And special thanks for Diana Seropyan. Thank you for coming and make this pictures for us!
Some of pictures made by Eugene Stroynov and Anton Repponen as well, thanks them for that too!

Thanks to Vyacheslav Prawdzinski we had the poster for this Meetup! Thank you!

Thanks all of you who still believe in us and support us!