Step to Update Skype for Computer
“The whole world can talk for free”; and Skype made it possible. 

Recent improvements in technology and good availability of internet have made audio and video calls accessible for Skype users. Users can make calls within minutes of downloading it on a computer system

You can have a better call and other features experience by quickly updating it on your personal system.

After retiring older versions of Skype, in case you are still using an older version, you will not be able to sign in until and unless you upgrade to the latest version in your system. So in order to update a Skype for computer you need the right guidance and for this, experts have suggested the mentioned below instructions:

Updating Skype manually:

•    Open your laptop or computer system and sign in to Skype
•    Now, in the menu bar, hit Help > Check for Updates
•    In case an update is available, you will be prompted to download it. And click Download
•    Finally, after the downloading process is complete, hit Upgrade in the pop-up window

Directives for automatic updates:

•    Login in to Skype
•    After that in the menu bar choose Tools > Options
•    And under the Advanced tab, you need to choose Automatic updates
•    Lastly, click Turn off automatic updates

Once you have updated an online text message and video chat services, there is no need to enter your sign-in information again. With this, the entire conversations, contacts, and history will be there on your Skype.

Let’s take a brief look on the benefits of updating a Skype:

•    After updating a Skype, you can avail the chat session feature with a group or private.
•    Take the advantage of video calls because it’s free with everyone who has Skype on their mobile phone, PC, or laptop.
•    Can connect with anyone whether they reside locally or out of India. 
•    Calling feature has got better that before because you can share photos, messages, emoticons, and lot more. 
•    Calling from a Skype will be absolutely free of cot as no cost is included during the chat session. 

Additional info: The application gives you the permission to reject or accept calls, block calls of an unwanted caller, and view a caller's profile from your account.

For more instruction about Skype follow this link :- Help Desk 800 Skype Support
Step to Update Skype for Computer

Step to Update Skype for Computer


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