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    A project that seeks to translate the experiences that defines the medium of the printed book and the physical library into a website.
Graphic Design BFA final thesis designed and developed during the period of four months under the guidance of Cláudio Santos. This project seeks to translate the experiences that defines the medium of the printed book and the physical library into a website.

Taking Paul Otlet’s concept of the Radiated Library and what he understood as the social context of documents, the website structure takes clues from the sensorial experiences of navigating through documents in a library and translates them into metaphors of behavior. The site’s foundation is defined around the idea of navigating through notions of scale, time and volume, each defining a different way to experience an entire collection of texts that wouldn’t otherwise be directly related.

Each individual document is represented by a shape that symbolizes its transition from paper to screen. The texts were organized into different categories that were assigned to different typefaces, enhancing each category inherit linguistic texture. Instead of opening each text individually, the texts are laid out juxtaposed to one another, creating a cacophony of different verbal and visual expressions.

Representation of the paper-screen transition (or scale): black filled rectangles displays relative dimensions of the books the texts were taken from; circles are texts from digital sources; crossed squares are texts from documents with unknown dimensions; cross signs are for texts from unknown sources.
A straightforward timeline representation for time.
Volume is represented by the vertical space each text takes on screen.
The user opens the texts juxtaposed to one another. Each category of text was given a different typeface that amplifies its inherit linguistic texture.
Moving horizontally between texts.
When scrolling vertically the texts titles remain fixed until reaching their end, where a list of related documents is shown so the user can choose to open them without going back to the index.
Opened texts are grayed out on the homepage and remain open in a parallel environment until the user chooses to close them.
An accordion-style archive allows the user to know a bit more about the physical documents that some of the texts were taken from.