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We designed the identity for Philip Glass’s piano concert in Mexico City, held in the iconic National Museum of Anthropology. The concept behind this experience was one of human expression, emotional chaos and intensity, 
all centred between space and music.
The branding project draws constant inspiration from the emblematic “Umbrella Fountain”, designed by Mexican Architect Pedro Ramírez Vasquez, imposingly looming over the building and Glass’s revolving central stage.

The graphically rich architectural elements of the center top part of the fountain were reinterpreted in an icon that accompanies the clean and elegant typographic logo. Strokes were created based on the Pre-Columbian figures adorning its main pillar, thus creating a visual communication composition around an aesthetic which sought to replicate the simplicity, elegance and minimalism of Glass’s work, particularly those of ‘Etudes’. 
In order to visually translate the highly emotional and artistic level of the evening, we created a graphic language 
full of human interventions, using, for example, imperfect strokes overlaid on the black and white portrait 
pictures of Glass and the pianists accompanying him.