The Project
For Stevenson University's New Student Orientation for 2017, I was given the opportunity to design all of the graphics for the 4 day weekend. The graphics included the logo, tabloid pamphlets, T-Shirt designs, pop-up banners, and a Snapchat filter! 

I was inspired by classic board games such as Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, and many other board games with bright and colorful imagery. I developed the idea of creating a board game design for the New Student Orientation (NSO) schedule. The idea was that new incoming freshman and transfers could follow the events like a board game to attend as many events as possible to get to the finish line!

I was also inspired by icon design. I decided to draw my own icons so that they look hand-drawn. I created icons that matched the theme of NSO such as, books, paper, buses, pencils, boxes, and more! 

For the first part of this project, I began by creating the icons and the logo. I wanted the icons to have a fun aesthetic so I hand drew them. The typography "New Student Orientation," was also hand-drawn lettering. Here are some of the icons that were created!
The board game
For the board game, I created the 'game' spots by creating a large stroke and using the dashed line option in Adobe Illustrator. I used the dashed line option to have variety in the length of the spaces. The board game also included typography such as "Campus Life starts here" and "SU is Home" to show the beginning of freshman student life at Stevenson University.

The board game is inside of the tabloid pamphlet. The back of the pamphlet also included a full schedule for space with more information. Below are some mockups and photos of the board game pamphlet. 
Pop-up banner & T-Shirt designs
Other designs for NSO included the Pop-Up banners & the T-Shirt designs. Below is a photo of some of the banners created for New Student Orientation & Orientation Adventures. 

Resources for horses
An additional design that was needed for NSO was a pamphlet design for the event, Resources for Horses. It is a program that offers 6-10 sessions for each time frame. The design needed to included a description of all sessions, place, time, and name. Here are some of the designs for Resources for Horses. 
Orientation adventures

The NSO and OA events included many design deliverables.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my project!