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    Packaging design for Russias first brand of Whisky.
The Russian people are known for their love of vodka, but there's a new competitor on the Russian liquor market. According to the International Logistic Systems, one of the biggest importers of spirits into Russia, the volume of imported whisky has increased from 17 million litres in 2010 to 29 million litres in the same period of 2011 - And this in times of Russian economical crisis when all other spirits have been steadily decreasing in sales.

Russia doesn't have a single whiskey producer and the growing import of whiskey could and will out conquer the existing russian liquor brands. The fact that the country also entered WTO this august and that russian companies are rushing to sign deals with whiskey producers all around the world makes this a real threat. 
Therefore I decided to give the Russian people their own whiskey. A whiskey that stanfd strong against the big imported brands and a whiskey that the Russian people can be proud of.
Our whiskey has its roots in the very same techniques that once created the Russian vodka. Destiny took another path back then, Altai Whiskey is the beginning of another in the creation of Russian spirits. From proud tradition towards unwritten future.
If you would define the grand sight of the Altai Mountains in one word, that word would be origin. Existence of man has its roots among the great lakes of Khyargas and Dorgon and in the rich nature of Altai. The area where four nations come together in one mountain range which the ancient Turkish and Chinese civilizations referred to as ‘The golden mountain.”  Here, the location where the origin of man and Russia lies we find the origin of the Altai Whiskey.
The Russian people have been patient, and finally, we take pride in presenting the whiskey sharing the qualities of the Russian identity. Born from pride, hope, beauty and quality. As an old Russian saying tells us - The future belongs to him who knows how to wait.