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This project is the property of Sohini Behrens (Owner, Mrs. Magpie) and Malvika Asher.
Thanks to Sohini for giving me this extremely fun project. Her store launched today, situated in Kolkata and set to open to the public on the 26th of October. 
The initial thought process for this store was quite different, and is reflected in the below shown lough logo drafts I came up with :
Eventually, however, after considerable input from Sohini, the final logo turned out to be this, with the whole 'magpie' element reflected through the bird and not through anything else.
This is the final business card I came up with, again, thanks to massive inputs and aid from Sohini.
Some Vectors worked out for the menu and the Store (based on stock photo references)
Coffees, cupcakes, milkshakes, teas, slushies and juices.
Vector cupcakes based on various references from the internet.
cakes, breads and biscuits on various references from the internet.
 Snapshots of the Store and it's Branding
The name Mrs. Magpie and the Mrs. Magpie logo are copyright by Sohini Behrens and are shown here with permission. For more information about Mrs. Magpie visit