Life by Martin Friedrich

About Life by Martin Friedrich
Life by Martin Friedrich is a luxury housing development located in Melbourne's bayside. Designed by Martin Friedrich Architects and located in the heart of Sandringham, Life by Martin Friedrich (LBMF) is the latest development in the ‘Life’ series by the Life Project Group. 

 Being a relatively new startup company, without any real presence or reputation in the luxury housing industry; branding and marketing were required to ensure that the LBMF project would be noticed and would convey the right message to their target audience. The branding would also need to communicate sophistication, seaside living and create an emotional connection. 

To give the LFBMF development the presence it needed in the market, Bless designs worked with them to develop a signature logo and style to match. This positioned them as a boutique developer, with a focus on sophistication and luxury. Once the style was established, this was carried through to their website, marketing collaterals and billboards. The key elements for their marketing became, elegant copper foil, textured papers, and beautifully emotional images. With a clear and consistent style across all of their marketing, LFBMF was able to become noticed in the market and sell their properties at a premium price.
Life by Martin Friedrich