Reebike isa bicycle which is suitable for chaos environment ,
With occupywall street Arab spring , European economic crisis , London riots we saw the burningcities, modern architect and designers are in the dream of sustainable greenwhite cities but recent events show that they are in a big sleep ,
ghost is still haunting ! 

In my veryclose future prediction our cities will burn and there will be no order ,and transportation will be done by bicyclesbecause of limited resources these bicycleswould be very cheap inter changable and mobile and easy to rebuild in my bicycleframe is 12 pieces and you can change them all, and entire construction is sameas architectural space roof system which makes the design more solid
ourgovernments failed , we failed , human kind failed
forgetelitist designer white dreams lets burn cities to the ground for another world
anothercity is possible!
anotherworld is possible!