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Aveda International
Aveda International matches international clients to the best stylists who know their particular hair types and hair style trends of each different countries. New brand identity and its digital marketing strategy reaches directly to the needs of their potential clients from all parts of the world. Its new digital tactic: My Story helps share personal stories in the U.S. between the stylists and their international clients.
Project Background
This project is based on my personal experience in the U.S. I like to style my hair. However, I never spoke English before. It's my first time to live abroad. It was very difficult to find the appropriate hair service in the local hair salons and barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. I knew many international students struggling with the same issue. I wanted to bring the awareness to the community about this little big issue. And also, I saw the market for the business franchise that can across the United States, especially the midwest area. I ended up creating a conceptual product design which is Aveda international.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Design Process
Define Problem / Primary Research + User Survey /  Personas / Journey map / User flow / Wireframe / Branding + UI Design / Prototyping 

Brand Strategy
I saw the hair market opportunity for foreigners in the U.S. So, I came up with Aveda International as a subsidiary brand under the Aveda Corporation, which are globally recognized. This appeals many international clients because of the brand recognition and many franchises in many countries.

Aveda's current brand recognition in digital is no.7 among top 10 hair care brands. Although, Aveda has the huge market power in the hair care & service industry globally, they still need to improve their brand recognition in the digital market. Aveda International would help improve its digital market growth. 
Define User Problem
I conducted a quantitive survey with mostly international students, and it helped me to clarify their problem in hair service in the U.S. Our International clients come from all over the world. This means they have diverse hair textures and hairstyles. However, they struggle to find the proper hairstylists who know their particular hair textures, different hairstyle from each different countries. International clients also get intimidated by the new hair service experience because of language limitation, different cultural manner, new environment, and new hairstylists. These make the international user access the local hair salons/barbershop much difficult.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I created hypothetical personas base on the data I have gotten from survey. This helped me to understand what user think, want and need for their hair experience in the U.S. 

Persona type A : They have the multiple pain points, such as language barrier, different cultural manner, and intimidation by the new environment for the hair service experience.
Persona type B :  This representation wants to have the higher satisfaction for their hair service quality.
User Journey Map
I made 4 conventional hair service steps which are scheduling hair appointment, hair consulting, service experience, and after service. I got the data from the user research that how the user feel and think along to each phase. This helped me come up with the key solutions.
Key Solutions 
1. App collects user's hair data, such as hair texture, hairline, face shape, language fluency when they're onboarding.
2. App matches the proper hairstylists to the user base on the hair data and service.
3. MyStory article which is the hair stylist's personal story in the U.S. to give the emotional connection between the user and stylist.
4. 360° virtual view lookbook
5. Marketing collateral designs
6. Website - Campaign to share the user-generated stories about their hair experience.
User Flow 
1. User will get asked about their hair texture, hairline, and face shape as well as language proficiency at onboarding phase. 
2. Once user get to the home, they can see hair schedule history, stylists info around the user, featured MyStories, and lookbook on home screen. 
3. User can go to the another pages like lookbook, collection, and setting from nav menu at bottom.
4. User can book an appointment through a floating CTA button (scheduling) on all pages.
5. Once user tap a floating CTA button (scheduling), app will ask what hair service and style user want to get, and then it recommends the proper stylists around the user. (language and hair skillset match base on the profile data)
6. Users can check the review and the story of their hair stylists so that they know if they are good stylists.
7. Stylists can also check the client's profile to understand their hair style preference, language, and context prior to the service so that they can prepare. 
8. User can set up the appointment within the availability of the stylists. They can also share their current hair photos with stylists. And chat fab help the consultant for the communication between stylists and clients prior to the service. 
9.User also can reference the lookbook prior to the service (lookbook has the diverse hairstyle from the real clients)
10. Stylists can send the kind email or message to the user for the their next availability when they're not available. 
Style Guide
After research and solution development, I created brand identity, UI screen designs, and signature icons base on google material design framework.

Onboarding Quiz
Many International clients who are not fluent in English, struggle to communicate with their stylists in English, These minimal icons and simple layouts are a good way to collect user's hair data. This specific queries about user's hair texture, hairline, face shape, and language proficiency will be used for proper hairstylist match in the future.
User can read their stylist's stories. User will empathize about what their stylist had struggled and accomplished in the U.S. Users will be touched in this emotional moment through MyStory. This will give user and stylists a strong and emotional connection.​​​​​​​

Best stylists match base on user data
Prior to the hair appointment, User go through the quiz about what hair service and style they want to get. And then, the user will be matched with the best hair stylists base on the user data.
Set up a schedule
Once the users find their favorite stylists, they can set a schedule. Then, after setting a schedule, the users will be asked to update their current profile photo to help the stylist understand the user's hair texture prior to the appointment. Once, the appointment is done, the summary overlay will be prompted. 
360° Virtual View Lookbook
Virtual view brings the experience of a full-screen 360 degree portraits of the Aveda International’s unique hair lookbook collection. It's a kind of the mood board to help get the client what hair style they ultimately wants.
Website - Campaign
More than words. Imagery elements transcend texts. Aesthetic photography, the combination of basic structures base grid system, clear messages start to come to life with warm, emotional, and friendly tones for international target audiences. the campaign website shares the diverse hairstyle lookbook and hair model's personal stories.

Collateral Design Pieces
Aveda International has new marketing collateral designs, such as lookbook, hair products, and posters for inclusive marketing approach. It will make the chance to embrace our international clients and speak to the full spectrum of different experience by using these diverse design materials.
Physical Lookbook
Our lookbook shows diverse hair models from different countries, and it shares their personal stories in the US with two different language which are their first languages and English. 
The series of posters represent the diversity of hair textures and styles. Iconic hair patterns representing straight, wavy, curly, kinky, and etc and its messages are very straightforward to attract our target audiences
What I learned from Aveda International
I knew there are 700,000 international students and almost 40 million foreign-born people in the U.S. This shows Aveda international not only help to grow Aveda's online market share by targeting the international students but also directly help many people who are struggling their hair experience. 

I knew design is meaningless unless it is substantiated by relevant stories from the user's context. By interviewing people from different countries who have the relevant experience, I understood what they think, what they want, and what they need, and I came up with better idea and solution. After this project, I try to increase open-mindedness and reduce the bias about the subject and try to have the attitude to collaborate with any others.

Joo Young Joung

Model Photography
Joo Young Joung & Esther Jung

Special Thanks
Jiyun Song, Jason Shin, Liu Xiao Chang, Erika Strohecker, 
Ashleigh May Harvey, Cheian Leonce, Thu Thuy Nguyen, Gina Kwon

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Aveda International matches international customers to the best stylists who know their particular hair types and hair style trends of each diffe Read More


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