Winged Sakura: Endless Dream
Winged Sakura: Endless Dream was released on Steam on 7 Oct 2017. The original concept was developed a couple of years ago and since there, there has been quite a bit of changes to the game's concept. The setting, obviously, have changed a lot. 
WaHa, along with his assistants, handled the character designs and character sprite animation for Winged Sakura Games. WaHa also did a number of CGs for the game itself. 

Firstly, the protagonist, Mindy.
Mindy is supposed to be a generalist who can use skills from all possible classes, thus ironically she didn't really have any unique animation for herself. She gets to pull off all the moves though!
The archer class. We've got high tech bows and an epic phoenix shot designed for her too. 
Nino is the assassin. Within the game, she is the melee class and she gets some really fancy moves too. 
Lulu is the resident fox girl. Taking inspiration from Fate/Extra's Caster-ko, she packs plenty of firepower as a mage. 

Mimi is a late comer to the game. She is the younger sister for Lulu so some inspiration from Lulu made its way into Mimi's design.
The shopkeeper with all the costumes!
Sleeping CGs
The sleeping CGs itself are mostly under NDA. However, you can view most of them on their Steam community page. So much spoilers there!

These screenshots are taken from the Steam Community page! Nino's sleeping CG was particularly funny and Winged Sakura Games should totally consider having that dakimakura physically made!

Bonus!: Original style test
We did a number of concept art and sprites for slimes too! 
Account Manager : KC Ng
Lead character designer and animator: Low Zi Rong
Animators: Ricky Li, Antonio Low, Chelsea Low, Khay Xin Yu (Desti), Wong Yan Xiang
Winged Sakura: Endless Dream

Winged Sakura: Endless Dream

Character design, illustration and in-game sprites for Winged Sakura Games' Endless Dream.


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