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    My 1st photorealism drawing
 My first attempt at the photorealism art

is the genre of painting based on using cameras and photographs to gather visual information and then from this creating a painting that appears to be photographic.

Here I have taken a cropped photo for the actress "Ann Hathaway" and have an attempt to draw it in a real form according to the genre and tried to get the resulting image as a copy from the original photo.....yet, i could only make it 95% similar as it is my first attempt and had 5% of mistakes...

awaiting for you comments and criticism :)
My first photorealistic drawing...

45x50 cm
HB pencil & Gioconda Charcoal

time taken: about 20 hrs
The Original photo
some sort of details
Taking the right measures and ratios using guidelines, could do it without this step as a free draw but shouldn't let any mistake by chance for that school "photorealism"
Step by Step 
On location for the workshop

hours and hours working and trying to get this thing looks real...not drawn :S