Lost in consciousness.
P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L     S  P  A  C  E

Personal project reflects my feelings at the moment.

フォローする! Только you were only one who got me like a rose in your hand palm, u drove me so crazy, made me feel something special, brought me out of this world and made our own, so i can tell you that my only dream was sky, sand and you.
feed me. love me.

These degraded things are pretty motivated to destroy something valuable or stop me so rudely, i'll kill for them, i'll win for them, but will never fall against them, until the end. 

Blurry emotions acting like they are real, to be honest it works pretty good cuz we believe in it and feel safe, but live in a fake.

I fuckin hate you, but i love you / meaningless smile of everyday routine lives in dark matter with my other feelings, really want to throw them away like an old t-shirt but they're still strong and not tryin' to stop feeding like a fuckin worm.

I believe that if the king has no queen, he still tries to spread some love around his kingdom, our life is too short for being passive to this rare feeling, so let your silly thoughts fly in this mindless world. i'm so proud of what i've done.

It's hard to say ok when something always gets worse, u just need to take a black pill called "life" as it is and think like a monkey.

Sometimes war is good, u should take your gvn and make something bad to break some stupid rules without being weird.