560 Ton Capacity Heavy Haul Truck Concept

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  • This machine pays homage to my childhood hero, the TerexTitan 33-19 which held the title of the largest heavy haul truck for over 2decades with a payload capacity of 350 tons and a diesel electric power plantproducing 3,300 HP. It was basically a heavy duty freight locomotive on pneumatictires.

    My updated Titan was able to get 14 degrees of steering out of both rear axles(the 33-19 only got 4 degrees) by using a tall closed box construction rearchassis that oscillateswhere it joins to the front chassis (the dump bed completely rests on the rearchassis). I was also able to squeeze in two side by side 3400 HP dieselelectric power plants (total of 6800 HP) to haul its max 560 ton load capacity.