Dental Care Tips for kids
If you can’t get into your dentist in Chandler, Arizona right away, sometimes the emergency incidents can make you freak out. However, don’t worry about it. The first thing that you should learn before you even begin to treat this, is to not freak you, since that will only make it worse, and it’ll transfer the trauma to other people. This article will discuss how you can help a child that has injured one of their baby teeth.

Now, an injury to the baby teeth might seem like something small, but it’s actually a big thing. If you hurt the baby teeth, it can actually negatively impact the permanent teeth when they start to form. This can also cause tooth decay in the baby teeth, and delay teeth growth too. For many young kids, they are often energetic and curious, and this leads to bruises and bumps, especially when they’re learning how to walk. These little trips and slippings are the main cause of damage to teeth. However, you can fix this from the point it happens to the point where they see the dentist, and here is how.
Now, if they injure their lips, gums, or their tongue, often this one will produce a lot of blood. However, if you stay calm about this. With smaller cuts, the injury will heal itself. For larger ones, you might have to take them to their doctor so that they can check on the wound, give any care necessary, and ensure that it heals correctly. If you notice that your child has cut or bruised their lips or gums, but the teeth are still there, get a cold pressure onto the area to help with the pain. It might also help with the bleeding too. Sometimes having a cold washcloth on the tooth gives it some great relief.

Now, if the tooth gets knocked out, it will definitely be grounds for you to be concerned, but if the tooth is a baby one, it doesn’t need to be reimplanted. Instead, often they just wait for the adult tooth to grow in. However, if it is a permanent tooth, this does need to be replanted, and must be done within an hour or two of the injury. If the little one’s tooth gets knocked out, take it and put it in a container with either spit or milk. Take the child to the dentist or the emergency room immediately. Make sure you don’t scrub it to keep the dirt off. If you do this, it will kill off the nerves of the tooth, which makes it impossible to put it back in. So just bag it, get the child to the dentist, and go from there.
Now, if a piece of a tooth breaks off, you might see a broken line going up or down the tooth, or you might see some pinkish colored flesh sticking out of the gum. You should immediately take the child to either the ER or the dentist immediately. However, the tooth has shifted or lodged a bit back up to the gum, but it’s not broken or bleeding, you can call the dentist and ask what they can do for the time being. With this one, it kind of depends on the severity of the situation that will cause the tooth problems, and sometimes they might not need to see the child immediately, other times they have to.

With all of these, they can be scary situations but if you act accordingly, it will make the experience the least bit traumatic that it can be. The important thing is to not panic. If you panic, you’ll make it worse. Fix up the child, take them to their dentist in Chandler Arizona, and from there, you’ll be able to get the child the help that they need. Accidents do happen. It’s a way of life, and it’s something that ultimately can’t be totally avoided. But, if you take that into consideration and take the time to fix up your child, getting them prepared once they do get injured and treated accordingly, it can make a world of a difference in their future health.