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    My first chance to explore the capabilities of 3DS Max and barely scratch the surface!
This project was designed to gain a basic understanding of modelling in 3DS Max software, using it as a visualisation package. Before the project began I had never even opened up the Autodesk software, but now feel confident in being able to 3D model and texture map to a level I wouldn't of known anything about before the 3 week project. As with anything it is a work in progress and a part of modelmaking I thoroughly enjoyed but I feel more compelled to work in physical form than digital so hopefully soon there will be an update with a physical model of the steam punk spider!
The initial design of the spider was taken from the internet, My aim for the project wasn't to design an object but to produce a digital model accurately representing an object we found. 
More subtle and closer to the metallic finishes I was after!
My first play with horrendously bright texture mapping!
The first stages of visualisation.