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Paulaner Bräuhäuser Branding

The gastronomy concept restaurants became swiftly one of the most important ambassadors of the Paulaner brand worldwide, transforming each location into a local institution – with their own integrated in-house breweries and Paulaner brewmasters. For over 25 years, they have offered a unique combination of Bavarian tradition with an authentic taste of Munich. At over 35 locations worldwide, they represent the original Bavarian way of life. The new Corporate Identity, which had its first full launch in Singapore, conveys this feeling through design and communications. 


The stationery focusses on the basic elements, while stylistically referencing the bavarian tradition with diamond patterning and the primary colours of blue, white and golden copper. 


The new Corporate Font – Quadraat – transports the brand’s traditional character into modern times. It is clear but not mundane. Modern, but warm and inviting. The font family includes both sans-serif and serif fonts, enabling creative designs while still upholding a consistent style. 

With its many varieties, the Quadraat family caters well to the international demands of the Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurants.  

Our Paulaner beer glow design concept connects the brand to the product and to its message. Without putting the product up front and centre, it nonetheless references the beer and expresses the way of life. An extraordinary presentation with an eye-catching effect.


A publication that was traditionally found in all the German beer halls. 
This modern re-interpretation of the traditonally newspaper – the Paulaner Bräubote – continues the tradition with compelling texts from the Paulaner world. It is fun to read and offers an entertaining peek behind the scenes of Paulaner.

The beer glow uses the typical beer colour, adaptable to special events, beer offers etc. e.g. like the Salvator.


The playful interpretation of the visual theme is also applied within the communication channels of the Bräuhaus.


The beer menu advertises the in-house brews while providing interesting information on production and ingredients.


Label design for beer brewed on-location. The individually brewed beer gets a respectively individual design. The Paulaner medallion is used here as a playful yet consistent element that gives each beer its own personality.


In addition to pure information, the menu – like other communication channels – presents the brand and brand values through various aesthetic, informative and humorous elements, even while the guests are choosing their food and drinks.


Along with the imagery, the illustrations make it possible to experience the world of Paulaner.


Typical items from Bavarian beerhalls, such as playing cards and beer coasters, are transformed into brand ambassadors, providing an authentic brand experience.

Paulaner Bräuhäuser Branding
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